Achilles tendon exercises to be done after Achilles tendon surgery, you should plan and discuss with your doctor. A physical therapy program should be applied according to the condition of your leg and foot.

There are options such as stair exercises, stretching exercises, exercises that can be done on the seats. Achilles Tendon  exercise that can be done with the help of a tera band. You need to be very careful when doing the Achilles tendon exercises. Because you can tear the Achilles tendon again.

achilles tendon exercises pictures

achilles tendon exercises pictures

Towel stretch, standing calf stretch, standing soleus strech, step up ,plantar fascia stretch, heel raises, static and balanca exercises picturef for the achilles tendon exercises .

Easier exercises should be done in the first days after surgery. For example; Towel exercises, step up exercices, heel raises.

Achilles Tendon Rehab Exercises

1- Ankle stretching:
Turn your face in a wall and twist your two legs so that your injured foot will be at the back as it is. Without lifting your heels, sit on the wall until you feel tension in the achilles tendon region (behind your heel). Wait 30 seconds after you feel the strain and repeat it 2 times.


Achilles tendonitis exercises

Turn your face in a wall and bring your sturdy leg to the position as if it were your bent, wounded leg. Slowly feel the tension on your calf muscles before you sit on the back of your foot. Wait 30 seconds and repeat 2 times when you feel tension.

Sore Achilles Tendon Exercises

3- Lifting Two Foot

Achilles tendonitis exercises

Straighten your legs without stretching too far. Then press your fingertips to lift your ball from the floor and stand in this position for about 1 second and slowly press your heels again. Repeat this exercise 20 times.


Achilles tendonitis exercises

Put an upright chair upside down and hold it firmly on the chair and twist your firm foot like you did on your left. Then lift the ball of your injured foot and wait for one second at the tip of your finger. Then repeat the same exercise 10 times by pressing the ball of your wounded foot on the floor.

Achilles tendonitis exercises are mainly these. Achilles tendonitis exercises should be repeated 3 times a day morning and evening. Your physiotherapist will give you more detailed information about the exercises. Achilles tendonitis exercises should not be released shortly after the sensation of pain has passed. Continuing for a few more weeks is important for not repeating the injury.

Achilles Tendon rupture Treatment :

When is the Achilles tendon surgery necessary?

Achilles tendon surgery has different techniques. These techniques can help alleviate pain and improve bone alignment. Your orthopedic doctor may offer the following treatment options about the type of surgery:

Fusion of one or more bones in the artery or foot and ankle
Cutting and reshaping of osteotomy or bone for correct alignment
-Excision or removal of bone and bony prominence
-Skinovectomy or tendon covering covering cleaning
-Tendon transfers or tendon extensions.

When the achilles tendon rupture , You feel a pain with tearing or rupture of the Achilles tendon . The sound of the break on the back of the wrist can be heard remotely. It is believed that the Achilles tendon has received a back-to-back impact. During the break of the Achilles tendon, there is a loud noise and pain.

After Achilles Tendon Surgery:

The patient’s foot is held constant for up to 1 month for recovery after the Achilles tendon surgery. Then brace attached to the foot. The patient begins to walk with the brace. After the operation, after 3 to 4 hours a day, exercises are performed and after 2 months, the patient may become sick. After 2 nd month of physical therapy exercises, the Achilles tendon is strengthened. To reduce the risk of scarring, we need to exercise and be careful not to be fed.

Achilles tendon pain :

Some questions about achilles tendon rupture

Question 1: Hello, I have had two Achilles tendon surgery, the second one was 2.5 months, I started walking after the Achilles tendon surgery, but I can not rise to the foot, and when I try to rise to the tip of my finger, I get pain on my ball. Because of this, I feel pain in my paw while walking. I also have swelling on the outside of my wrist.

Are these paints normal? Is aching like this because the Achilles tendon is not fully recovered?
Answer 1: I think I need more time. Remember that physical therapy exercises should be done regularly during the achilles tendon healing process.

Achilles tendon treatment exercises 

Question 2: I had an Achilles tendon operation 6 years ago. Now my foot is having a hard time. I get a lot of pain when I walk or run. What advice would you recommend as an exercise or medication?

Answer 2: You should do regular force exercises. Flexibility movements are important for tendon health. Make regular and balanced nutrition, pay attention to the selection of shoes.

Question 3: I had an achilles tendon surgery. Though 10 days passed, the swelling did not go down. Now the skin closed. The hematoma formed in the wound area. When I hang my leg downwards, blood collects in that area. I keep painting my feet and I keep it up and I apply ice. However, there was no improvement.

Answer 3: Things you normally talk about. Your pain will decrease in 10 days. Therefore Continue with your doctor’s recommendations.

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