What should be done after meniscus surgery:

Moving the toes and toes after meniscus surgery increases blood circulation. After meniscus surgery, you can leave your crutches within a few days. If you leave as early as possible, your treatment will speed up your process.
Your knee cover should be massage slowly after surgery

Exercises after meniscus surgery are very important in your rehabilitation process. Regular and successful practice of your exercises is crucial both for your knee to return to its former health and for meniscus surgery to shorten the duration of your treatment. We will describe how meniscus exercises are done in our next article.

Pain after meniscus surgery :

After the meniscus surgery, you will have pain in the operating area as burning. Your surgery will be hot in our area. During the first two days you can apply ice on your knee. 15 to 20 minutes of ice application five to six times a day will help against pain and swelling in your knee. If post-operative pain is very intense, you can talk to your doctor and get painkiller.

Swelling after meniscus surgery, foot swelling, knee swelling;

Swelling after a meniscus surgery, it is quite normal to have a swelling in your stomach and your knee. Elastic bandage has been applied to prevent the swelling from increasing too much. You can reduce swelling by applying ice pack or cold compress over the bandage. You can apply ice for 15-20 minutes every 2-3 hours. Do not touch the skin directly with the ozone, or place ice sausage over the bandage or wrap the towel.

Knee pain after meniscus surgery:

If the pain in the knee continues also in the following months, you should talk to your doctor first. If you have edema and water in your knee you may have knee pain if you have swelling in the knee.
If there is knee locking after meniscus surgery, your meniscus surgery may have failed. Your doctor should perform the examination again.

There are two points to be noted when surgery is performed in the form of anesthesia (spinal anesthesia) after meniscus surgery. Before the meniscus surgery, you should probably have been informed by your doctor to reduce the fluid intake. Because the spinal anesthesia is done after meniscus surgery, you will be numb and you will not be able to get rid of it for 4-5 hours. If you are disturbed (urinary incontinence) can not make a lot of dollars and urine. This will cause you pain in the groin and lower abdomen area. To avoid this condition, it is useful not to take as much fluid as the urine and to apply the hot water bag on the bladder (lower abdomen-crotch area).

Another condition that can be seen after spinal anesthesia is head and neck pain. In order not to have pain after spinal anesthesia, it is necessary not to get too much and to drink plenty of fluid after the operation. After anesthesia it is important to start 3-4 liters a day after you have been able to urinate, and it is important that some of these fluids contain caffeine (if not for another reason). Coffee, coke and tea contain caffeine. Since you are usually less likely to have headache after 3 days with spinal anesthesia, you may return to normal habits.

Brace after meniscus surgery:

After meniscus surgery, you can put 2-3 cushions under your feet to keep it higher than your heart level and reduce pain and swelling.
The elastic bandage in your knee and in your stomach is worn to minimize the swelling that will occur after meniscus surgery.

The water given during arthroscopy is in the knee and over time the body will take it. Your joint may have fullness or swelling after surgery. During arthroscopy, some of the water given to the knee may be left in, which will be absorbed by the body over time.

After meniscus surgeon return to sports:

If only meniscus surgery is performed, it is possible for amateur and professional athletes to return to the spore for about 4-5 months. However, you should definitely see your doctor for the time to return to the spore after the surgery. The right decision is your doctor, the physiotherapist and you will give. It will determine the content of the operation and how well the physical therapy process lasts. For early return to the sport, the strengths of the muscle groups in the knee region are also important. So especially for professional sportsmen.

Physical therapy is needed after meniscus surgery:

Physical therapy will allow you to return to normal life. If you are an athlete you will be able to play sports much earlier.

after meniscus surgery can i walk

how long after meniscus surgery can i walk

How long after meniscus surgery can i walk:

It is recommended that you take a walk from the first stop (usually one day after the surgery), which you can take from the hospital. You should gradually increase the time and distance you walk. Walking increases blood circulation and accelerates healing. However, you may not be as strong or balanced as you think. Because, especially in the first days after the meniscus operation, if you go to your feet, you may find yourself dizzy. This is a sign of blood pressure drop and may even cause you to faint and fall in love. So, in terms of your own safety, we invite your nurse to help you a few times while you are on your first leg.

After meniscus surgery, physical therapy should be performed with a specialist. Working with the expert’s previous experience will ensure that you complete the process successfully

Running after meniscus surgery:

You must have exercised properly to start the exercises. You should not start exercises within 3 months.
You should start with the controls in a controlled way. First you must test your own sequence with the walks. We definitely do not recommend the treadmill.

Whether football is played after meniscus surgery, we do not recommend to play football 5-6 months ago. Especially because of the opposite movements in the carpet area. The carpet area will be dangerous for direct return to the field. For the return to football, firstly the flat run must be started, then after the ball without work, individual ball work can be done. Finally, you can participate in the workouts. When you feel safe you can go to football matches.

After meniscus surgery, we recommend swimming after meniscus surgery for those who want to strengthen their muscles without risk. Especially after 2-3 months, we will strengthen the muscles in the legs and knees by walking and swimming in the water. We recommend starting with all the post-operative activities in the first few days so that you will not be exposed to a disability again. Swimming is a low-risk spud that can be done after meniscus surgery.

When can i drive after meniscus surgery:

We recommend waiting 3-4 months to drive the car after surgery, especially if you have a reflex accident that you can not give in a sudden move.

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