How long does the anterior cruciate ligament surgery take?

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How long does the anterior cruciate ligament surgery take

What is anterior cruciate ligament? Anterior cruciate ligament connects the upper part of the leg to the lower part of the leg and maintains knee stability. “Anterior cruciate ligament is on the middle of our knee and is located deep under the skin and tissue which cannot be felt from outside.” Rupture of anterior cruciate ligament can be felt with … Read More

What is the medial meniscus And Treatment?

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medial meniscus treatment

What is the medial meniscus and meniscus? Questions and answers about meniscus disorders in general will be in this writing. The meniscus, which we all know as words but I think we do not know the importance exactly, is that the bones fit together in the knee joint. C-shaped pillows that help to avoid damage during movement are 2 pillow … Read More

Shoulder joint, Shoulder pain and Treatment

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Shoulder joint: Shoulder is the most flexible (playful) joint in our body. Shoulder joint; Consisting of three main and two functional, total shoulders from five joints. These joints work in harmony with each other, providing excellent mobility for the arm. The joint is located at the base of the body and allows the arm to move forward, upwards, backwards and … Read More

Best Achilles Tendon Exercises Pictures, Rehab Exercises To Avoid Rupture

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achilles tendon rupture exercises

Achilles Tendon Exercises and Pictures Achilles tendon exercises to be done after Achilles tendon surgery, you should plan and discuss with your doctor. A physical therapy program should be applied according to the condition of your leg and foot. There are options such as stair exercises, stretching exercises, exercises that can be done on the seats. Achilles Tendon  exercise that … Read More

After Meniscus Surgery and knee pain

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What should be done after meniscus surgery: Moving the toes and toes after meniscus surgery increases blood circulation. After meniscus surgery, you can leave your crutches within a few days. If you leave as early as possible, your treatment will speed up your process. Your knee cover should be massage slowly after surgery Exercises after meniscus surgery are very important … Read More